Most asked questions

  1. How long will I have to wait on my dulcimer?

    Currently the wait time is no more than three weeks.

  2. What kind of strings will I need to get for my dulcimer?

     Imake and supply my own strings. Your dulcimer will come with an extra set,and strings are available for $5.00 per set postage paid.

  3. Can I use other strings on my dulcimer?

    Yes any dulcimer strings of the same size I use will work. You may see a difference in tone,and sustain,but, they can be used.

  4. Can I have modern tuners put on my Prichard dulcimer?

    The Prichard is a historical reproduction and modern tuners are not offered on this model. Some instruments may be fitted with modern tuning pegs.

  5. Are the wooden tuners hard to use?

     They do have a small learning curve,and they take some getting used to. But with a little practice ,you will find once they are in tune they are very stable.

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