Quotes My MawHee reproduction has this incredible raw sugar cane jangly tone that I believe is the signature of the walking cane. I asked Kevin to stay as faithful to the original design as he knew how to do, but not because I want a beautiful historical artifact. I want a unique old time sound that sits in my lap every day (or every day I can). I couldn't be happier. As soon as I can, I'm going to give Kevin the best compliment a dulcimer player can give a dulcimer builder: get him to build me another one! Quotes
Tim Shortt

Quotes I am fortunate to be the proud owner of Prichard Reproduction Dulcimer #11. It is beautiful in both appearance and sound. I can highly recommend Kevin Messenger's craftsmanship. My Prichard Reproduction just cries out to be picked up and played. Charles Napoleon Prichard has to be smiling at the quality of these reproductions. If you've been hesitating about getting into traditional style dulcimer playing, wait no longer. Get your order in for one of Kevin Messenger's traditional style dulcimers. You won't be disappointed. Quotes
Greg Gunner

Quotes I am very pleased with the Prichard, and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to play a working replica of an older style dulcimer. At first, the wooden tuning pegs scared me, but after some coaching on how to use them, they are easy to use. I also appreciated that Kevin kept me updated throughout the process showing me pictures. All in all, you simple cannot go wrong. Quotes
James O. Phillips

Quotes Kevin has put a phenominal amount of research into his reproduction dulcimers - and that comes through in the finished product. These early designs play and sound very differently compared to contemporary instruments. They are wonderful examples of folkart and just a delight to handle. Kevin pays great attention to original design details and has not compromised for the sake of building convenience or to produce 'modern' versions of old designs. What you get from Kevin is a dulcimer as it was built in the late 1800s. I love the Prichard he built for me. The instrument is alive with tone from its tip to tail. These instruments are truely a musician's tools and will reward the effort the player puts in to studying the old styles of dulcimer playing. And that I think is the most significant aspect of Kevin's skills as a luthier - he has captured the fundamental spirit of these old designs and breathed life into the wood that he works. Quotes
Robn Clark

Quotes I've got Prichard repro. #8--great instrument for playing traditional-style tunes (noter/drone). Really nice feel and bright tone. I certainly recommend this handmade instrument. Quotes
Rick Kennedy

Quotes Kevin, I just want to let you know that even after several months, I am still impressed by the quality of workmanship you put into this dulcimer. The tone quality is fantastic and the pegs still hold their tune really well. Your insight in using piano wire strings has led me to decide on this type on all of my dulcimers. I enjoy the clear ringing tone on the plain strings without the squeak associated with wrapped strings. The sustain of my Prichard repro remains a pure joy to play. I'm am working hard to improve my skills to a level comensurate to this fine instrument. Also, I have the bragging rights of being the proud owner of the first Kevin Messenger dulcimer. Rest assured that I will contact you first the next time I am looking to buy a new dulcimer. Thanks Kev. Quotes
Dan Goad

Quotes I had a Mawhee reproduction for 2 weeks to test. Such volume and responsiveness from a small instrument is amazing. I've also played the Prichard reproductions and find their tone and playability to be excellent. I can recommend any of them wholeheartedly. Quotes
Rob Lackey

Quotes Kevin, Yes!!! I am very pleased with my Prichard. It is truly a work of art and the sound is beautiful. I love that old time dulcimer sound. It brings history alive for me. I truly enjoy playing it. Quotes
Patty Mattes

Quotes I knew what the Prichard sounded like and I had my heart set on getting one. That was until I saw the Mawhee that Kevin made. I always liked the teardrop style and I knew I had to have one. He made it a bit bigger than the original Mawhee and I requested the peg tuners and half frets because I like to play noter & drone style. I am very happy with how it turned out. He did a very good job of re scaling it. The sound is right on and very loud, which is nice for a change of pace. Much louder than my other dulcimer. The craftsmanship of this dulcimer is fantastic. Handcrafted scroll head and the teardrop body with the fiddle edges adds to the beauty of the dulcimer. Quotes
Jim Fawcett