These are dulcimers currently on hand, don't forget you can order any dulcimer I offer . 

Dulcimer's Ready For sale.

These five are ready to go.

Leonard Glenn Reproduction. This one is Butternut and Walnut, Fretted to Leonard's scale.  $425.00

Chestnut and Walnut Teardrop, just intonated, staple fretted.$325.00  SOLD

 Prichard #17 Just Intonated , All Poplar painted finish. more photos available.

 $350.00    This one is now reduced to $300  it was a demo model and is still in perfect shape.


Two Chestnut and Walnut dulcimers. One is a Huntington Style hourglass,and the other is an Ed

Thomas Repro. Just Intonated.  $375.00 each. The Thomas is SOLD.

John D, Tignor  reproduction. 

All Walnut, fretted for Just Intonation.

Noter Specific

$350.00  plus shipping.(Sold)

C.N.Prichard, Reproduction.

All Poplar, 28.5" VSL.

Noter Specific.

$325.00 plus shipping   (SOLD)

Eli Presnell Reproduction.

Noter Drone specific,All Poplar.

29" VSL. $325.00 plus shipping (Sold)

J.E. Thomas Reproduction.

This is a copy of a dulcimer given to Josiah Combs,

as a graduation gift at Hindman Settlement school,in 1904.

 Comes with a reproduction of the original wooden case. 

28" VSL, all Walnut, Hand carved peghead, noter specific.

$550.00 plus shipping  (Sold)

The photo at the top of the page is of this dulcimer.